Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Raik Shino?
“Raik Shino” (What do you think? In Sudanese Arabic) is an online dialogue platform that provides a forum for people to creatively interact and discuss the future of Sudan through a gamified dialogue process.

The idea was developed by the Joint Conflict Reduction Programme (JCRP)/UNDP Sudan in collaboration with a game developing company, Serious Games Interactive. Raik Shino was chosen as one amongst four winning proposals for the UNDP Technology for Citizen Engagement Challenge in April 2015 and is developed with support from the UNDP Innovation Facility.

What’s the purpose of Raik Shino?
The purpose of Raik Shino is to provide opportunities for people to creatively interact and discuss the future of Sudan. Although it is a public platform to openly discuss and reflect, it is a closed online environment where login and game profile name are required to participate in the discussion. Raik Shino hopes to contribute to peacebuilding in Sudan by providing a platform to reflect on the past experiences and explore the future of peacebuilding by involving a broad range of participants.

How do you play Raik Shino?
After registering yourself to Raik Shino, click on the “Challenges" tab. Find the challenges that are currently active. Choose a challenge and click on “Read More” button. There, you will be able to write your statement suggesting the best solution to the challenge. You can earn points through your solutions and comments to others. See topics “What are action points” and “what are reputation points” for details of the points system.

How do you win Raik Shino?
You can be the winner for a challenge if you have the highest number of reputation points in the particular challenge by the time the challenge is closed. The deadline to make a statement is displayed next to the individual challenge question. Each game will run
for an average of 4-6 weeks.

What are the challenges?
Challenges are questions generated by the moderators. Once challenges are launched, the participants will be able to write solutions to the challenges and discuss together.

Who are the participants of Raik Shino?
Raik Shino is open for anyone who is interested in discussing about peacebuilding in Sudan. At this stage, it is open only for those who are currently living in Sudan.

Who are the moderators?
Moderators are the representatives of the participants. Their responsibility is to moderate the challenge they are in charge of by posting questions, encouraging participation and interaction, and monitoring user activity.

What are the prizes for Raik Shino?
Each challenge has different prizes. Click on the “Prizes” tab to find out the prizes for each game.

What are forums for?
Forums provide a space to interact with other participants outside of the “Challenges”.

Rules of Raik Shino

What are action points?
You can use action points to vote for the best solution proposed. There is no limit to how many action points you could give to a statement, or to how many people you can give the action points to. You can earn more action points by earning reputation points.

What are reputation points?
You will gain reputation points by accumulating action points to your statements. You will be able to level up by earning reputation points.

What happens when I make comments?
When you make a comment to a statement, the writer of the statement will gain reputation points.

Can I change my statement after I submit it?
You are free to edit/change your statement within 30 minutes of submission. After 30 minutes, you will not be allowed to edit/change.

Can I change my votes?
You are not permitted to change your votes, or revote on Raik Shino.

What are levels? How do I level up?
You can increase your levels by receiving reputation points to your statements. By leveling up, you will become more influential in the game by gaining more action points.


How do I register?
You can register to Raik Shino by clicking on the “register” button on the front page.

What are the inboxes for?
With the inboxes, you can send private messages to other participants of Raik Shino. You will also receive notifications from the Raik Shino team.

I have more questions about Raik Shino that is not mentioned in the FAQ.
Please write your questions or comments on the “Forum” and the Raik Shino team or your fellow participants will be able to answer your questions.