Start & Manage Your Own Business challenge - SMYOB:
SMYOB challenge is meant to provide an opportunity for Darfuri youth to develop innovative ideas, cultivate entrepreneurial attitude and mindset t..
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11 proposals from Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia have been shortlisted! They will upload a 1-minute video presenting their project by 2 January. Then, this Challenge will be o..
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Member since 15th of November 2015
Posted 15th of December 2015

Latest statement: Hip-Hop for peace and social development in Sudan

In the last decade, with the repetition that prevailed the music that was presented in the mainstream media, and with the new social media age; new genres of music invaded the attention of the youth. ..
1. ما هي أكثر المجالات التي تركز عليها فكرتك؟
* تشغيل الشباب
* التعليم
* ريادة الأعمال
* أخرى (أكتبها

2. ما هي �..
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mudathir Adam
Member since 10th of December 2015
Posted 10th of December 2015

Latest statement:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الاسم :مدثر ادم اسحق
الوﻷية : شمال دأرفور - محلية طويلة
البريد الالكتروني:mudathir7025177@gmail..